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המלצת מוצר - מלכודת חרקים

סובלים מחרקים \ מקקים ?

כולם יודעים שביחד עם הקיץ מגיעים גם החרקים, הסובלים העיקריים הם דיירים בדירות קרקע \ גן. 

 אחד הפתרונות הטובים - מלכודת דבק לחרקים, ללא רעל.

משטח דביק עם פתיון (לא רעיל) במרכזו, מושך אליך מקקים וחרקים אחרים. מניחים מאחורי המקרר \ ארון \ מיטה וכו... וזורקים לפח לאחר שבוע

עובד בצורה מדהימה - כפי שניתן לראות מתמונות משתמשים (ומנסיון אישי)

חבילה של 21 מלכודות ב$50 עד הבית כולל משלוח


  1. BAITED AND READY TO USE VALUE PACK - Designed to attract and retain cockroaches and other crawling insects that are out of the reach of conventional sprays such as such as spiders, scorpions and other unwanted household pests. Use these cockroach killer pads with stronghold glue traps to help with the elimination process of adult cockroaches within your home.
  2. NON-TOXIC, ODORLESS SOLUTION - No harmful chemicals have been added to these cockroach killer indoor traps, the roaches-like food and smell used in the lure tablet placed in the center of the glue trap. The lure tablets attract cockroaches and the long-lasting glue captures all of them, once step into the trap house they never leave
  3. TREATS THE PROBLEM SUCCESSFULLY - Our cockroach catcher is very effective, they have a low profile for easy placement under the fridge, oven, inside cupboards, etch. The traps are layered with powerful glue that makes them stick fast to the board with no chance of escaping. Replace them after 3 months or when it is full of roaches
  4. EASY TO USE STICKY TRAPS FOR PEST CONTROL - Our traps are useful for monitoring an area for crawling insects 24/7, they are very easy to assemble, you just need to place the traps in dark, high traffic areas. The best way to find these is through careful observation. Where do you see the most cockroaches? Place a few traps there. To make the process more effective we include a bait within your package
  5. TRY OUR PRODUCT RISK-FREE WITH OUR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - If you're not happy, we're not happy. In case you have any issues with the insect sticky trap, please don't hesitate to let us know so we can offer you a replacement or full refund. We are dedicated to providing the best shopping experience to keep you satisfied, the choice is yours!               
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